Return Policy


Jacket to big? Short to tight? Wrong colour? You don´t like the product?

Please contact us before the change. Together we will find a satisfactory solution. | | +43 (0) 676 833 87 888 | +43 (0) 676 833 87 878

In the downloadsection of the reshipment terms & conditions you can find a reshipment form.


Please contuct us as well: | | +43 (0) 676 833 87 888 | +43 (0) 676 833 878 

For proof claims caused by us (e.g.: wrong colour sent,..) we change the product immideately or return the money.

If it is a claim which are related to our suppliers (e.g. production failure) we forward the product directly to the manufacturer or distributor. As soon as we received a feedback we will pass the information to you, either we can change the product or return the money.

If you think the product quality is not good, please follow the below:

Please send us an email with order number and your full name. Describe the problem and send – if possible – a picture of the failure. We will immediately work on the problem and let you know the next steps. Sometimes we have to contact the manufacturer or our supplier and wait for their feedback. This procedure helps to prevent paying money for sending back a product which might not be covered by warranty.

If we are the opinion that the product is defective, please send it back. External Products will be send back to our suppliers, distributors or manufacturers.

As soon as the product is repaired it will be returned for free. All Failures/problems caused by us will be fully covered by us and changed immediately.

Please care about our supply and dispatch services. Because of high cost of not prepaid send packages (carriage forward) we request you to pay the postage when sending back any product. The costs will be returned or credited immediately afterwards if the failure was caused by us.

Returns should be send to the following address:

Global Relations Consulting GmbH
Schlossweg 9
A-2721 Bad Fischau-Brunn